Scott Hudgins


Scott Hudgins was born in Great Falls, Montana but grew up in North Carolina. Shortly after high school he joined the U.S. Marine Corp. At a young age, Scott learned that he was very good at fixing mechanical and electrical things, so after the USMC he went to work for IBM maintaining 29 of their buildings. He also worked on power lines for several years and was promoted to the Shift Supervisor at the power plant.

Scott came to New York City to help his younger brother build out dance and workout studios that he was opening. While he was here, he met a contractor who offered him a job remodeling high end apartments. That is where Scott met a fellow Resident Manager who spoke about to him about the profession and introduced him to one of the Resident Managers Clubs. This introduction led Scott to becoming a New York City Resident Manager in 2007. He believes that joining the Resident Managers Club was the highlight of his career; where he found guidance, brotherhood, camaraderie and a sense of belonging. Besides the obvious benefits, Scott said it gave him the opportunity to help and nurture younger men in the noble field of Resident Management. He resolutely maintains that he will always be active in the clubs and will always do his best to help a brother in need. It is his conviction that some of the greatest men he has met have been here at the Club and is honored to have them as friends for life.

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