The Manhattan Resident Manager’s Club

Who We Are Today

The MRMClub is made up professionals that share the same goal… to keep New York City the best place in the world to live! We do this by inviting the best professionals from all related fields to join us and be a part of this great Club experience. Our club members share a sense of community that is unparalleled in this industry. It’s great to have the expertise of so many professionals always available to you!

Staying well informed is essential to being successful at your job and having your building run effectively. This is why our Club’s Executive Committee has always emphasized coming to monthly meetings.  Our Members meet on the first Thursday of every month.  It’s a great way to get together with colleagues in the industry to exchange ideas and share solutions, or just to have a meal with a friend. A Resident Manager is depended upon to be a person of many talents. This is why at each monthly meeting we have a speaker, usually a vendor or organization, to address Club members’ concerns and educate us about new products, services, benefits or regulations in our industry.

But all work and no play is not what we are about. We host numerous social activities such as the Sunset BBQ, Casino Night, Golf Outing, Twilight dinner cruise, fishing trips, sporting events and more. Each year the Manhattan Resident Manager’s Club, along with two other Clubs, host the Three Hands Grand Ball, a black-tie affair that features dinner, dancing, cocktails and live music. At this event, each Club recognizes their Resident Manager and Vendor of the Year with an award.

We actively participate in various charitable organizations. The Club has raised money for Toys for Tots, the Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Incarnation Children’s Center, an AIDS children’s hospice in Harlem.  During the winter months we have collected coats for poor families within the 5 Boroughs.

​We appreciate our members and want to give back to them as well as to the community. Our Club hosts an annual drawing to award several educational scholarships to Resident Managers for their children. In addition, regular and affiliate members receive a $150,000 life insurance benefit with no medical exam.

Presently there are four (4) Membership classifications. A Regular Membership consists of Resident Managers, whereas Affiliate Memberships are for Property Managing Executives representing their corporate office. Associate Memberships are comprised of our Vendors, Contractors, and other Professionals. Life Members are all Past Presidents of the Club and those that were gifted the honor of Life Membership in appreciation for the time and energy they dedicated to the overall betterment and continued growth of our Club.

​We currently have over 120 Regular and Affiliate Members and over 90 Associate Members. We are also closely affiliated with the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM). Join us and expand your social and professional network.

Learn About Our History, Past Presidents and Founding Fathers

In 1980 William Key and Brendan Keane heard about a club that was formed by Resident Managers at a competing management company. Upon inquiry they were informed that the club was management based and they could not attend their meetings. So William Key and Brendan Keane came up with the idea of forming their own club. Together with Leo Craig, Manny Toribio and several other Resident Managers working at Albert B Ashforth, they formed the Manhattan Resident Manager’s Club. They drafted the Club’s By-laws without prior experience in forming an organization or maintaining its finances. They then elected William Key as the Club’s first President. The Manhattan Resident Manager’s Club, Inc. was founded in 1980 and incorporated a year later. 

When it was first formed, membership was only  available  to Resident Managers that worked for Albert B Ashforth, but they quickly opened their membership to all Resident Managers in Manhattan. Soon after that they welcomed Resident Managers from all five boroughs. Several of the original founding fathers have since passed away, but we keep their names posted to pay tribute to their dedicated undertaking. To honor our first President we currently have the William Key Award to acknowledge vendors that help support our profession. Our Club was and will always be “dedicated to the performance and advancement of the real estate manager.” 

Our Past Presidents

It’s our honor to introduce our Past Presidents who have lead our organization and advanced its mission. The dedication and integrity of this distinguished group have been instrumental in helping our club to prosper.

William Key

1980 – 1986

Brendan Keane*

1986 – 1988

Manny Toribio

1988 – 1993

Robert Donohue*

1993 – 1995

Jack MacGowan

1995 – 1997

John Person*

1997 – 1998

William Martin

1998 – 1999

Emilio DeJesus

1999 – 2000

Ron Stubing

2000 – 2002

Manny Toribio

2002 – 2004

Nelson Lopez

2004 – 2005

Mike MacGowan

2005 – 2009

Kevin Key

2009 - 2011

Frank Rampino

2011 – 2012

Francis McLoughlin

2012 – 2014

Louis Parrilla

2014 – 2016

Anton Markola

2016 - 2018

Joseph Cervini

2018 – 2019

Francis McLoughlin

2019 – 2020

Steve Mala

2020 – 2022

* Deceased

Our Founding Fathers

The Club’s original Executive Committee and Board of Trustees was made up of 9 members working at the same management company. They had diverse backgrounds and different levels of education, but they were hardworking men that devoted their time to a common goal.  We thank them for their dedication in laying the foundation of this club and beginning its legacy. The rest is history

Founding Executive Committee​

Mr. William Key  |  President
Mr. Brendan Keane  |  Vice President
Mr. Harry Pope  |  Treasurer
Mr. Michael Brennan  |  Financial Secretary
Mr. Ray McCort  |  Secretary

Founding Trustees ​

Mr. Barnabas J. Halo
Mr. Louis Larto
Mr. Arne Nilsen
Mr. George Parmely

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