Roman Encarnacion

Roman Encarnacion

Raised in an immigrant family and community, as the middle child of a hard working Dominican couple, Roman Encarnacion, was born and raised in Harlem, NY. His determination to grow beyond the challenges of a violent and dangerous neighborhood spotlights the valuable lessons learned from his parents and his life experiences.

His passion for sports landed him a scholarship to attain a college degree and his interest in continuing education is why he earned a degree through the 32BJ Thomas Shortman Training Fund as a building engineer.

Beginning in the building industry as a doorman, porter, handyman, and eventually superintendent, Roman is now a resident manager at The Concerto intimately knowing the value behind every position necessary for luxury high rise building operations within The Brodsky Organization’s portfolio. Roman’s time within the industry has allowed for him to spearhead luxury prewar building retrofitting and energy conversions, elevator installation, Local Law compliances, operations involving cooling towers, EMS, VDFs, steam and hydronic systems.

Versatility is his goal as property maintenance and operations continues to evolve annually through the development of more efficient technologies and shifting paradigms. Being a member of The Manhattan Resident Manager’s Club is the best way to sharpen those developing skills and to share those varied perspectives to advance the industry community’s reputation and relationships.

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