Edin “Bo” Bojic

Edin “Bo” Bojic

From a family background in the service industry, Edin started at a young age in residential apartment management. Assisting his father with the cleaning and maintenance of a 110-family building taught him the basics and values of hard work and discipline, which he maintained throughout his life and career. He spent many years at the Helmsley Building where he started as a union security guard, and after several promotions left to pursue a career as a Commercial Building Manager. Edin started with one property on Third Avenue and was soon given two other commercial properties to manage. He returned as a Property Manager for several prestigious companies when the allure of residential management called.

Placing all of  his experience into one property, Edin accepted an opportunity became available to become a Resident Manager for a building in Williamsburg. Performing several Local Law 11 projects has given him a unique perspective into engineering, construction, materials and project management. He pursued a chance to open a brand-new luxury building on East 57th St, with a great friend of his and they excelled in punch-listing and holding the contractors accountable to the high standards of the sponsor and Unit Owners.

Another new ultra-luxury building opening soon followed in the Nomad neighborhood, and it was amazingly hard work, but Edin put together a great staff with excellent service industry skills. When an Upper East Side building with 652 units called, he happily to accepted the challenge of running such a large complex, with 35 union employees. “Challenges will come into your life, and it is how you choose to deal with them that will determine your success.” EB

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