John Szabo


John Szabo immigrated to the U.S. from Budapest, Hungary in 1990, just as the iron curtain started to crumble. When he first arrived, he worked as a commercial warehouse handyman and worked his way up to Superintendent of the facility. A few years later, he received his first residential multi-family building in Queens. Later, he moved to Westchester County to run a 200 unit mixed-use residential/medical building. Currently, John is the Resident Manager of a beautiful 108-unit luxury Co-op on the Upper West Side.

Among all his industry related certifications, he is most proud of his Green Building Operator and Refrigerating System Operating Engineer licenses. Most recently, he obtained the Facility Commander license from the Residential Manager Emergency Response Team (RMERT), which is recognized by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

John has been a member of the Manhattan Resident Managers Club for seven years and has been serving as a Trustee for the past five.  He enjoys helping to maintain the great traditions of our premier club. John remains thankful to the MRM Club for giving him what he claims to be a fantastic opportunity to be around great people in this industry. John states, “This club, which we affectionately call ‘The Fun Club’, has given me a warm welcome from the day I joined, and I always looking forward to seeing my friends and all other industry professionals at the meetings.”

John is married for 29 years with one child. In his free time, he enjoys the great outdoors,

water sports and soccer.

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