Joe Cervini


Joseph Cervini is a past President of the Manhattan Resident Managers Club, of which he has been a member for 15 years. He is also the recipient of the 2018 Resident Manager of the Year Award. Joseph didn’t follow the usual path to becoming a Resident Manager.  Growing up in New York in a fixer-upper, he was always trying to repair and remodel things. Luckily, his family members were knowledgeable in the plumbing, electrical and carpentry industry and they started teaching him their craft at a young age. 

Soon after high school, Joseph moved to Colorado where he was involved in several service industries and learned to frame and finish houses. Several years later he moved back to New York and for almost two decades worked as a Commercial Superintendent in a Landmark Medical Condominium on Central Park South. It is here that he honed his skills learning to read blueprints, troubleshoot electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, and repair commercial equipment. Due to a love of reading and a passion to learn, Joseph holds several distinguished certifications.

Joseph has always been a proponent of identifying goals and self-improvement. In fact, the books that most impacted his life were ‘The Seven Steps of Highly Effective People’ and ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad.’ His outlook on life and core values led to his first opportunity as a Resident Manager of a new downtown luxury condominium. It was here that he distinguished himself in helping the evacuation process, maintaining the integrity of the building and restoring systems during and after Hurricane Sandy.                        

Eager to build his knowledge base and skills, he set his path in a new direction. For the past five years, Joseph has been Resident Building Manager of The Continental, a new 53 story all glass enclosed luxury rental building located near Herald Square. 

Joseph is a serious professional, but his demeanor will continue to reflect his wife’s mantra, ‘to smile and look for the humor even when doing the crappy work.’ In his spare time, Joseph’s hobbies are fishing, archery and working outdoors at his house. Joseph is married with two children who are both working in the real estate industry.

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